Toxo Studio
    Toxo Studio

    Details about the project.

    ''You know, if you do it right, because your idols are starting to pay attention to you.''

    Sometimes projects that arrive, require mental lightness and subtlety. That was the case. The landscape architect and friend Victoria Feijóo wanted to mix two different trends, she wanted to capture the organic of her gardens with the minimal and professional structure with which she develops her projects. Why Toxo? It is an “eternal” flower (blooming all year) in Galicia, home of Vicky. 😉

    A challenge for me (two opposing trends that capture the essence of a known person … really! It was a challenge, hehe). Was the identity born for «Toxo Studio» and Vicky? She was happy about the work! I will always wish you much success!! 😀

    Inform about organic and minimalist style.
    Identity design.

    Client: | Victoria Feijóo |    Location: | Mallorca, Spain. |    Services: | Branding | Graphic Design |

    The result...

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