Azul CNM
    Azul CNM

    Details about the project.

    ''I like it when you explore the expression of the body with color.''

    You’re already getting to know me and wherever I’m looking, I’m aiming with the bullet! lol (Mexican joke), that is how it was with the body paint. Shortly after I started experimenting with art and airbrushing, I felt ready to participate in competitions. I ventured to the national body paint competition, in the category “Blue CNM “. There were more than 35 participants, 5 nominations and I finished fourth. It was a great honor to share locker rooms and creativity with the greats in the country. It was a long day of 7 hours of uninterrupted work, with a model and a friend who made it all possible, and my sister Bazan Jazz as support for the event. Many thanks to the whole team, we were one of the 5 winners!

    Body painting live with airbrush.
    Applications and characterization (latex and accessories).

    Client: | National Body Paint Competition |    Location: | Guadalajara, Mexico |    Services: | Body Paint | Characterization |

    The result...

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