Mallorca Experience
    Mallorca Experience

    Client: | Pidelaluna |    Location: | Mallorca, Spain. |    Sector: | MICE |    Services: | Branding | Web Design |

    Case study

    Everything depends on the details!! If you’ve been to Mallorca, you know that every element in your environment floods you with sensations, textures, light, magic, making it a unique experience. This motivates Mallorca Experience for its users.

    For the logo we chose a mix between a classic but modern typography and “experience” with hand lettering (as it is essentially Mallorca) as well as the experiences. Like “custom made” we incorporate the characteristic symbol “Pidelaluna” in the brand, as the customer needs it.

    The aim of the website is to put users in an environment where the brand is the main host; in this case, the aesthetics and simplicity of each carefully placed element is there to develop a design that can transform the magic that Pidelaluna offers into a personal experiences.

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