Claudia Marcos
    La Maleta Roja
    Claudia Marcos
    La Maleta Roja

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    ''I want my loyal customers to remember who I am, to continue to trust me and follow me wherever I go.''

    There are many cases where you work for “superior brands” or franchises, and we forget that our personality also attracts and inspires consumer confidence. This was also the case of “Claudia Marcos”, the pioneer of “La Maleta Roja” in the Balearic Islands! After more than 8 years as the owner of her franchise business in one of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods, she realized that it was her great empathy that attracted customers. So she called me to create her personal brand, which would have to be accepted by “La Maleta Roja” to change the design of the business and not change the name and culture of the brand. The result? The brand “La Maleta Roja” felt confident and allowed the merger of both brands to strengthen the reliability of their customers. Do not let all your work with empathy and service be forgotten. It is ideal to create a graphic image to support the actions of your service.

    Identity design and application in the manual.
    Design for shop windows and posters.
    Graphic design of your printed advertising and information brochures.

    Client: | La Maleta Roja |    Location: | Mallorca, Spain. |    Services: | Branding | Corporate Identity Manual | Graphic Design |

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