Isla Vip Magazine
    Isla Vip Magazine

    Details about the project.

    ''You know that you’re doing it right when your idols start to notice you.''

    A magazine can be much more than you expect, it creates the perfect atmosphere for your audience to directly appreciate and receive the message. On this occasion, we have created the cover design of No. 1 (summer 2015) and the editorial design for the content of the bi-monthly magazine “Isla VIP Magazine”, which is dedicated to tourism and leisure promotion on Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza.

    Design an attractive and sensual cover.
    Layout in Indesign for printing.
    Create the visual identity and its editorial structure.

    Client: | Tana Marimón |    Location: | Mallorca, Spain. |    Services: | Editorial Design | Graphic Design | Art Direction |

    The result...

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