Details about the project.

    ''A person who would do anything for his beloved companion''

    There are no limits when it comes to developing goals, dreams or projects. Dogaholic is a unique brand created by two girls with a lot of spirit and love for their pets. 😉 Together they have created a brand with a lot of future. This is one of the reasons why I am proud to know such capable and responsible entrepreneurs in their graphic environment. Visit and see what they do and create. It has an excellent acceptance in Europe.

    It was a pleasure to design your online shop and website and to see even better how your project is growing! 🙂


    Web design around the brand culture.
    Configuration of the online shop with synchronization of multiple payments with POS and Paypal.

    Client: | Dogaholic Handmade |    Location: | Madrid, Spain. |    Services: | Web Design |

    The result...

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