Carmen Buelohá
    Carmen Buelohá

    Details about the project.

    ''Every entrepreneur must have a brand and know how to communicate it''

    When someone is easily recognized by their professional environment, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the desired visual result without missing the fame of their name. This case was a success! Carmen Buelohá our beloved “Inquieta Mental” has long ago managed to create a presence as a blogger and promoter of cultural events in Mallorca, which is why she decided to develop her brand even further than just the words of her articles. When we talked about how she wanted to project it, it was nice to see that her idea was clear and she had the certainty to convey her message. Now she promotes cultural events, offers courses for artists and various activities and has a growing brand that is presented with formality and professionalism. 😉

    Creation of the logo.
    Design of institutional stationery.

    Client: | Carmen Buelohá |    Location: | Mallorca, Spain. |    Services: | Branding | Graphic Design |

    The result...

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