Aqua Phenom
    Aqua Phenom

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    ''Energy drink with the power of liquid oxygen''

    I present you one of the projects that I have liked the most! The owners were very clear about the concept, but they asked for advice to project the image of their product. They import an innovative healthy product from the USA. “Aqua Phenom” is a brand of non-artificial energy drinks patented in their “Ionization” method in water. It became a sponsor of great athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Certainly a product that has pleased and surprised its consumers.

    Shortly after we started the Bazan Lab agency, Humberto Vega (brand representative) and the marketing group IntegraTres trusted my team and myself to change the overall picture of this energy drink. My job was to create the identity for the great product “Ultra Oxy” as well as the design of the label, the exhibitor, the printing and the digital advertising. The result was more scope for a diverse audience and better acceptance of the product launch.

    Re-Fresh of the brand ''Aqua Phenom Energy Drink''
    Design of advertising displays for the construction of acrylic material.
    Web design for layout in HTML language.
    Design your product ''Ultra Oxy'' from the ground up.
    Graphic design of online and print advertising.
    Design the presentation of the product. Labeling (labels and points of sale)

    Client: | Aqua Phenom |    Location: | Guadalajara, Mexico |    Services: | Branding | Graphic Design | Social Media Support |

    The result...

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