Passion for communication.


    We are professionals with the same vision, passion for communication and desire to transform the environment around us.

    In your brand

    we trust.

    We completely believe in our clients’ brands, helping them gain a competitive advantage by connecting in an increasingly creative and digital world.  Offering the best requires time and dedication but we understand that you have given everything to your project and we want to do that too.

    Years of experience in our area allows us to advise you assertively, we are here to provide you with the necessary tools and our professional synergies to enhance your brand, we believe in your brand.

    The story.

    Bazan Lab® was created in 2010 by Benazir Bazán in Guadalajara, Mexico as a “Multidisciplinary Creative Lab” a space that gave the opportunity to different creatives to develop common projects and make themselves known with creative tools. From a silkscreen workshop to talks to increase skills that promoted the use of “good design”.

    Currently, we work with brands in different countries such as Mexico, Spain and USA. There are no limits to communication, we believe that good understanding and a fluid work allows us to continue offering excellent results.

    Creative Synergy.

    Faithful believer that there are no communication frontiers for creativity and design. “Creator of Graphic Melodies” lives from design every day with intensity for more than 10 years, in her free time Lettering and graphic arts is her super power; she also enjoys giving talks for different institutions with the purpose of valuing design as a transformation in society. “Teach design and you will design the future“. When you come with your idea to Bazan Lab is “Bena” who will gather the necessary pieces to make the magic in your project.


    Graduated from the advertising career, she brings the “fresh” touch that our projects demand, has a lot of energy and is always willing to find creative and innovative solutions. She is fully involved in the brands and with a lot of detail she achieves continuity in the corporate guidelines of each brand as well as managing the Social Networking issue wonderfully. She is behind every project that requires it!


    An artistic mind extremely passionate about visual communication and with a strong focus on creating “high-impact” images, can’t go a day without creating graphic works, both professional and personal. Inspired every day by the greats of graphic design and the talents of modern times, she believes in minimalist design that can conquer the eye with the simplicity of its forms.


    Faithful defender of the data offered by the network to reach the perfect word. Marc is our SEO and Content specialist, passionate about the strategy of reaching positions through creative and high quality texts. Passionate about the digital world, his work is based on techniques close to Growth Hacking, focusing on the possibilities that organic traffic can offer our clients, so that they stand out from the competition. From more technical analysis, to finding the right keywords or dialing the tone of voice, he will be your advocate to the search engines.


    Specialist in frontend design and development, with extensive knowledge in HubSpot and WordPress. Passionate about web application development using Angular or ReactJS technologies. He is constantly moving and updating to offer innovative and tailor-made solutions; he supports our hosting servers and makes sure that all our clients’ websites are 100% functional!



    Systems engineer with experience in front end, back-end and with significant amount of “midiclorians” (See StarWars reference). Jos is our web developer specialized in WordPress, he keeps up to date with the latest technologies (the simplest and most scalable) is in favor of Open Source and is part of the official community of so he is certainly a unique character! Jos has the versatility and agility to solve everything that happens to your CMS and if not, he will use the “strength” to solve it.


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